Word Count: TBA

Release Date: TBA

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Written by Sam Maleski

Illustrated by Bianca Maria Costa Barbè

‘She was her own family tree; standing alone, beneath the stars, on a lonely hill.’


Tick. Tock.


Clara Oswald has decided to have a bit of a rest. She’s earned it, after all. So off she pops to sixteenth century Seville, where she immediately falls headfirst into a nest of intrigue involving murder most foul, lustful parties, the Spanish Inquisition and a dashing gentleman that happens to be ever-so-slightly fictional.


Tick. Tock.


Something stirs – a ghost from a past never lived, intent on conquering a new life for himself. Even if it means fighting men of stone, a meddlesome English teacher, and the very laws of time.


Tick. Tock.


And as the clock runs out and the table is set at the Nameless Feast, Me must make a decision that could change everything…


Tick, tock, goes the clock, and all the years they fly,

Tick, tock, and all too soon, your love will surely die.

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