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Episode cover for 'A Citizen of the Universe': A hand holding a sonic screwdriver in front of the silhouette of a city
Coming Soon



Written by Ruth Long, Alex Wakeford and Zoe Lance

Illustrated by Caz

“The creators and destroyers of the cosmos... the architects of change and the agents of chaos... the light-bringers and the world-enders... the masters of gravity and the sovereigns of time... the citizens of the universe.”​

Auros. The City of Burning Sapphire. One of the wonders of the galaxy, home to the greatest among stargazers and astronomers. But beneath its cosmic tapestry something terrible stirs; unbound, it will claim the lives of all who dwell on its surface.


And there is no one to save the day.


Clara Oswald. A woman suspended in her final moment, drifting through time and space with an immortal associate in a stolen time machine. Setting forth on a decisive journey in honour of past travels.


And there is one fateful destination that will change her course forever.

Word Count: TBA

Release Date: TBA

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