Written by Ruth Long, Alex Wakeford and Zoe Lance

Illustrated by Caz

“The creators and destroyers of the cosmos... the architects of change and the agents of chaos... the light-bringers and the world-enders... the masters of gravity and the sovereigns of time... the citizens of the universe.”​

Auros. The City of Burning Sapphire. One of the wonders of the galaxy, home to the greatest among stargazers and astronomers. But beneath its celestial tapestry something terrible stirs; unbound, it will claim the lives of all who dwell on its surface.


And there is no one to save the day.


Clara Oswald. A woman suspended in her final moment, drifting through time and space with an immortal associate in a stolen time machine. Setting forth on a decisive journey, in honor of past travels.


And there is one fateful destination that will change her course forever.

Word Count: TBA

Release Date: TBA

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