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Clara Oswald in her'Hell Bent' waitress outfit

Clara Oswald

Once upon a time, Clara Oswald was an ordinary young woman fresh out of university, putting her dreams of travelling on hold to look after a family who needed her. But on one fateful day her path crossed with a man from the stars. It was the best day of her life; a day that changed it forever.

Fast forward through the Doctor's timestream, the end of the Time War, the siege of Trenzalore, a whopper of a regeneration, the rise of the Nethersphere and countless other wild adventures, and we reach the final page of Clara's story: on the cobblestones of a hidden London street. But even death isn't enough to stop the Impossible Girl. She blew into this universe on a leaf, and though the Raven might haunt her footsteps, who knows if she'll ever truly land...

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