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Clara Oswald. English teacher. Saviour of worlds. Strictly among ourselves, a phenomenal kisser. UNIT strategic advisor. Former part-time nanny. Companion of the Time Lord known as the Doctor. Now - a dead woman. Frozen between one heartbeat and the last, granted a new life and freedom to explore the stars before returning to Gallifrey and her destiny. And that’s where the story ends.


… Or is it?



Clara Oswald standing beside her TARDIS console in 'Hell Bent'

‘The Untold Adventures’ is a fan-written project aiming to explore the tantalizing set-up offered to viewers at the end of ‘Hell Bent’: A series of thirteen prose stories following the format of a typical Doctor Who season that provides a continuation of her story. Travelling with Me, the teacher-turned-time-and-space-explorer will have to face threats and dangers old and new in adventures that channel the essence and aesthetics of Doctor Who while presenting a unique perspective through the lens of Clara’s personal outlook and ethos, testing her in unexpected ways. Her travels will take her from cities of burning sapphire to the halls of Coal Hill School, from seventeenth-century France to drifting starships. She will soon come to realise that “the long way around” is paved with many perils...


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