The series is currently in production. You can find more information on the stories here, and reading links will be added when the episodes are published.

Written by Ruth Long, Alex Wakeford and Zoe Lance

Illustrated by Caz

1.04 As You Like It

Episode Four:

As You Like It

Written by Tori Das

Illustrated by Sugarize

1.07 A Feast for the Nameless

Written by Sam Maleski

Illustrated by Bianca Maria Costa Barbè

1.10 Heroes for Ghosts

Episode Ten:

Heroes for Ghosts

Written by Alex King and Ruth Long

Illustrated by Rosie Vernon

1.02 Áhreddan

Episode Two:


Written by Laine Ferio

Illustrated by Redundantz

1.05 The Guardian of Azantia

Written by Kate Coleman

Illustrated by Staypee

1.08 The Improbable Mirror

Episode Eight:

The Improbable Mirror

Written by Sam Maleski
Story by Henry Lovett

Illustrated by Valentina

1.11 The Promise of a Soldier

Episode Eleven:

The Promise of a Soldier

Written by Kevin Burnard

Illustrated by Mogamoka

1.03 Stealer of Souls

Episode Three:

Stealer of Souls

Written by James Wylder
Story by Tayla Fonseca and Caitlin Smith

Illustrated by Charlie Godmer

1.06 From Thy Shadow Shall They Pass

Written by Taylor Bookout and Zoe Lance

Illustrated by Tyler

1.09 A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings

Written by Janine Rivers

Illustrated by Aralis

1.12 She Who Remains

Episode Twelve:

She Who Remains

Written by Ruth Long

Illustrated by Jo Bartelds

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