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Episode cover for 'Áhreddan': A hand holding an ouroboros with the silhouette of a little boy in the foreground
Coming Soon



Written by Laine Ferio

Illustrated by Redundantz

“Memory Stations are known across the galaxy as places where one’s memories, whether analog, digital, or synaptic, can be stored, retrieved, shared, deleted, re-experienced, re-mixed.”


It’s an urban legend that the Alpha Quadrant’s Memory Station is haunted, but Captain Waldron, space pirate extraordinaire, wasn’t expecting the most vulnerable member of her crew to vanish shortly after they boarded it, nor did she plan for the strange creatures roaming its corridors.


Then there’s the bizarre matter of the American diner in the cargo bay, and the undead woman inside, offering her help to organize a rescue mission that will lead them through layers of time and thoughts.


They’re all going to take a trip down memory lane, but what the past hides isn’t always pleasant…

Word Count: TBA

Release Date: TBA

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