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We believe Clara’s departure from Doctor Who served as a gift to the fans, a whole universe of possibilities for us to let our imaginations loose on. Like the eponymous hero of the show we all know and love, the journey of this character could conceivably go on forever in our minds, even if we know its ultimate destination. And it's our story to tell. The Untold Adventures endeavours to answer the lingering question of "What happened next?" in a series devised by a talented and passionate team of fans. With an emphasis on character development and embracing the unique storytelling opportunities afforded by this premise, our goal is to produce an engaging, creative and emotionally satisfying series worthy of the complex heroine that is Clara Oswald.        



How will the stories be published and in what format?

The current plan is to publish the stories for free on our dedicated site, on Archive of Our Own (AO3), and as an eBook in various formats.


When will it be released?

Due to the various circumstances we have decided to hold off the series' launch until further notice. This is an ambitious project and the priority is creating a series of the highest possible quality; that will inevitably take time. But we'll keep you frequently informed and updated on our progress, and there will be plenty of exciting content released in the meantime!

Who’s involved?

Our project is led by Ruth Long and Caitlin Smith. Accompanying them, we have a full cast of amazing writers, artists and creative advisors including many of your favourite blogs. We've announced the creative team on our blog, and you can view the full list of contributors here


Can I be involved?

We don’t need any more writers, and for the time being have filled the available artist spaces. However, we will send out posts in the future should any further roles come up, and you are always welcome to enquire at any time.


What is The Untold Adventures’ relationship with Doctor Who’s continuity?

We're keen that the stories respect and complement what's established on the televised show. This means developing the characters in a way that feels organic, and taking care that the series functions as a believable continuation from where Hell Bent left off, particularly in how it addresses the repercussions of past events. 

Will the series have overarching plots like the show?

Yes. While the stories are largely self-contained there will be threads that extend across the series and culminate in the finale. 

What kind of characters will be in the series?

This universe is rich with a vast and vibrant cast of characters. It's safe to assume that Clara may run into the odd familiar face!


Where else can I find you?

We have Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts where we'll also publish our public posts and updates. You can contact us by email at

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