The talented team behind the series. You can find out more about the writers, artists and their episodes in our Creator Spotlights.


Ruth Long Project Lead: Tumblr | Twitter

Caitlin Smith Project Lead: Tumblr | Twitter

Alex Wakeford Editor and Writer: Blog | Twitter Ko-fi

Dillon O'Hara Editor and Writer: Website Twitter Patreon Ko-fi

Julia Creative Advisor: Tumblr

Johanna P.H. Promotions: Tumblr | Twitter


Miranda Bonilla Beta/Sensitivity Reader: Twitter Patreon Ko-fi


Christa Mactire Beta/Sensitivity Reader: Blog | Twitter Patreon Ko-fi


Laine Ferio Writer: Twitter

Tayla Fonseca Writer: Tumblr | Twitter

James Wylder Writer: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Patreon

Tori Das Writer: Blog Twitter | Patreon

Kate Coleman Writer: Tumblr | Twitter

Taylor Bookout Writer: Blog | Tumblr Twitter | Linktree

Zoe Lance Writer: Fanfic Tumblr Twitter

Kimberley Chiu Writer: Twitter | Tumblr Soundcloud | Patreon

Henry Lovett Writer: Twitter

Andrew Davis Writer: Fandom Twitter | Writing TwitterLinktree Patreon The Twelfth Doctor Fan Audios 

Alex King Writer: Twitter

Kevin Burnard Writer: Tumblr Twitter


Caz Episode Artist: Portfolio | Twitter

Redundantz Episode Artist: Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram

Charlie Godmer Episode Artist: Tumblr | Instagram

Sugarize Episode Artist: Tumblr

Staypee Episode Artist: Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter | Ko-fi

Fran Episode Artist: Tumblr Twitter

Episode Artist: Instagram

Bianca Maria Costa Barbè Episode Artist: Tumblr

Valentina Episode Artist: Twitter

Aralis Episode Artist: Portfolio Tumblr Instagram

Rosie Vernon Episode Artist: Tumblr Twitter

Mogamoka Episode Artist: Tumblr Twitter | Ko-fi

Jo Bartelds Episode and Series Artist: Portfolio Tumblr Twitter

Tousle Episode Artist: Tumblr | Twitter

Alpha Centauri is Watching You Series Concept Artist: Tumblr

Jana H.S. Series Concept Artist: Tumblr Instagram

Kashmir Series Concept Artist: Instagram

Aishwarya Promotions Artist: Tumblr | Twitter

Emma Jones Promotions Artist: Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram