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Episode cover for 'As You Like It': Two dragons and two theatre masks (one happy, one sad) either side of a stylised tree
Coming Soon



Written by Tori Das

Illustrated by Sugarize

“I do not regret the times I do not hate you.”


“Where learned you that oath, fool?”


Clara and Me, on a whim, have decided to travel with a theatre company on their maiden tour across the galaxy. Because you do only live once, no matter how long you delay your last heartbeat, right?


Nothing, of course, goes according to plan. The company find themselves on a planet unheard of by most spacefaring civilisations, where dragons live and die in fear and silence alongside humans desperate for sustenance in an endless winter. They live in the shadow of a forest of light shining night and day; a haven from which no one has ever returned.


And now silence, captive audience! The curtain rises…

Word Count: TBA

Release Date: TBA

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