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1.10 Heroes for Ghosts Cover.jpg
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Written by Alex King and Ruth Long

Illustrated by Rosie Vernon

“You find something to hold onto. You make it your life raft through it all and no matter what you never let it go.”


When the news of Miss Oswald’s death was broken to the students of Coal Hill School, one boy in particular was left devastated. Two years later, still beset by grief, Isaac Okorie is astonished to encounter his former English teacher, apparently back from the dead. But when his every waking hour is tormented by a malevolent creature, how is he to know that she isn’t just another phantom?

Clara Oswald, by no design of her own, has ended up in the very place she vowed never to return to: home. Stranded on the streets of London, separated from Me, Clara must walk the Earth that only knows her as a ghost, and, together with Isaac, do what she’s always done, even beyond the TARDIS: stop the monsters.

Word Count: TBA

Release Date: TBA

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