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Episode Cover for 'The Promise of a Soldier': A watercolour style Saint Paul's Cathedral in front of the silhouettes of four armed soldiers with a bleeding heart suspended just above the cathedral's spire
Coming Soon



Written by Kevin Burnard

Illustrated by Mogamoka

“Oh, Danny Pink, you did it to me again. You lied to me.”


Captain Tamara Harding expected this mission to be easy. But that was before her crew started turning up dead, then turning up as ghosts, and sometimes even the other way around.


Trapped in a labyrinth of a shipwreck, a small team must face the people they’ve lost, or find themselves joining their number.


The dead are coming back. They are so, so alone. And among them rests a soldier, long-forgotten, with a message for Clara Oswald.


The stakes have never been lower.

Word Count: TBA

Release Date: TBA

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