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Episode cover for 'The Guardian of Azantia': A symbol representing a jewled amulet in the middle of a sea bed scene with swimming fish and aquatic plants



Written by Kate Coleman

Illustrated by Staypee

“Systems failure, trapped crew, crushing pressure of the ocean depths all around us. In other words, the perfect distraction!”


A distress call from the depths of an uncharted ocean propels Clara and Me on a daring escapade to save a trapped team of engineers and historians, there to survey the fabled submerged city of Azantia – once home to a civilisation of astonishing power, their secrets lost to the ages.


But there are worse perils than the failing integrity of their subaquatic base and the vicious hookra fish infesting the surrounding waters to contend with. For the ancient ruins of Azantia, long dormant, hold more than just history...

Coming Soon

Word Count: TBA

Release Date: TBA

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