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Episode cover for 'Stealer of Souls': A cloaked figure holding a smoking purple potion
Coming Soon



Written by James Wylder

Story by Tayla Fonseca and Caitlin Smith

Illustrated by Charlie Godmer

“It’s called Solas. It’s… an escape. A place of rest and recuperation. They take in the tired and the weary, those who’ve been fighting or running for too long.”


Eloise and Elijah are Architects, ancient and beautiful beings that have shaped entire galaxies; enjoying a peaceful retreat on the planet Solas, with only the company of a few enlightened visitors, like Clara Oswald and her immortal friend, who has sought them out on her own personal quest for answers.


But a sinister force is on their trail, and when the mysterious Soul Collector arrives on Solas, Clara, swept up on an intergalactic chase, will have to learn how to battle gods...

Word Count: TBA

Release Date: TBA

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