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The Untold Adventures Official Trailer

Header Image: Clara 'Out of Time' poster

Three years ago today, Clara Oswald’s time on Doctor Who came to a close. Suspended between one heartbeat and the last, her hands on the TARDIS controls and an immortal woman at her side, we watched her fly off into the infinity of the cosmos. It was a beautiful ending, but an even better beginning. The next chapter of Clara Oswald’s story is one of fantasies, of challenges, of love, loss and myth. This Spring, follow Clara as she forges her own path in the universe...

We are very proud to present the official trailer for Clara Oswald: The Untold Adventures:

Music: 'Out of Time' by Lisa van Hal:

Clara 'Out of Time' poster

Clara Oswald is dead.

Clara Oswald lives.

And these are her Untold Adventures.

Rescued from the justice of the Time Lords and travelling with the ancient Me, who is going through her own crisis of faith, everyone’s favourite English teacher-turned-time-anomaly is facing many conundrums. Should she return to her fate and face the Raven? How should she continue the Doctor’s legacy? Who exactly is she, drifting on the time winds, a mere ghost in the mind of the one she holds most dear? What does her non-death mean for her, and for the universe at large?

The answers are among the stars: from the past to the future, from alien worlds to the streets of London, Clara’s travels ought to enlighten her… for better and for worse. Because there are truths too terrible to face – especially when it’s easier to be a clever girl and run. And there are forces, stirring away among ruins beneath red suns, too terrible to imagine…

The series opens with A Citizen of the Universe, by project lead Ruth Long, Zoe Lance and Alex Wakeford. Clara has to make a stand and decide what path to take, but a trip through the gemstone churches of an old civilisation might just make her rethink her course…

From thereon, all bets are off, and she and Me are thrown away across the universe, exploring and facing new dilemmas: an abandoned space station haunted by memories (Áhreddan, by Laine Ferio), the lair of an Machiavellian beast (Stealer of Souls, written by James Wylder, story by project lead Caitlin Smith and Tayla Fonseca), the beauty and danger of space theatre (As You Like It, by Tori Das), an ancient sunken city (The Guardian of Azantia, by Kate Coleman), an ill-fated series of events in Massachusetts (From Thy Shadow Shall They Pass, by Taylor Bookout and Zoe Lance), the wonders and horrors of an anachronistic French mansion (Sancta Sanctis, by Kimberley Chiu), and a surprising doppelgänger (The Improbable Mirror, written by Sam Maleski, story by Henry Lovett).

Left shaken by the catastrophes they have witnessed, Clara and Me try to find refuge; for the former in her own past, contemplating what she has left behind: reuniting with Jane Austen in Dillon O'Hara's Beautiful Little Nothings, finding monsters closer to home in Alex King and Ruth Long's Heroes for Ghosts, and reigniting an old flame in Kevin Burnard’s The Promise of a Soldier.

But her meddling has awoken ancient, merciless powers – and as she heads towards an uncharted planet, events will precipitate that could change the shape of the universe itself…


Each episode in the series is being illustrated by a talented artist with their own unique and special style, in addition to series concept artists who have provided their own inspiring designs for the project.

We are so grateful for your continued support, patience and enthusiasm. Hold on tight, Clara Oswald’s greatest journey is yet to come.

The Untold Adventures team

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