Creator Spotlight: Episode Nine

We continue our weekly creator spotlight with Episode Nine: Beautiful Little Nothings, written by Dillon O'Hara (whose spotlight we'll be adding) and illustrated by the brilliant Aralis.

Artist: Aralis

Tumblr: | Instagram: @aralisilustracion

What’s your journey with Doctor Who? Did it inspire your art?

I started watching through reruns from BBC Latin America. I caught bits and pieces from the Tenth Doctor’s era but the first episode I saw complete was The Eleventh Hour and I was fascinated. From then on, I started watching religiously every week, revisiting episodes from the Ninth and Tenth Doctors later on. The Twelfth Doctor’s era, with its acerbic charm and endearing companions, was a big one for me.

Doctor Who has definitely influenced my art; the show is a source of inspiration on so many different levels. It has got arresting visuals, evocative stories, beautiful music, and genuine characters. On top of that, there is a fantastic community of creative people that are equally fascinated by it, just continually building new universes of inspiring work! It is truly amazing.

What are you most excited about when it comes to doing art for this series? What do you think are/will be the greatest challenges?

For me, it was love at first sight with the episode I’m illustrating; from the moment I read the synopsis I was hooked. I just feel so fortunate to be working on a story that I like so much.

I think that the greatest challenge will be to do it justice - and maybe backgrounds, backgrounds are always a struggle.

Can you give us some non-spoilery teases about the look of the episode and the art you’re going to provide for it?

I am aiming for an old-school illustration look, very nostalgic. I tend to gravitate towards the quiet moments, both in my work and as a fan. Hopefully, it will be a charming companion to Loafer’s story.

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