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The Untold Adventures Cover Reveals

Header Image: Episode Cover Reveals

While we continue to finish, edit and prepare the episodes in the series for release, we'd like to treat you to something special to make the wait a little easier. Over the past twelve weeks we've revealed the unique cover for each story. For this final week, we're unveiling the artwork for Episode Twelve: She Who Remains written by Ruth Long and illustrated by Jo Bartelds.

In designing these covers, we wanted to go for something a bit different to the usual character composites. To fit both the prose format of the stories and the heavy literary themes found throughout the series, Project Lead Ruth Long has created stylized book covers, each inspired by their associated genres, symbolism and iconography. The designs draw heavily on the imagery and themes of their respective stories to create a distinct and striking aesthetic, whilst maintaining an overall sense of unity across the whole run of episodes.

An old, forbidden tome recovered from a place unknown, waterlogged and weathered by time and misfortune. One may gaze at this cover, try to divine its meaning, but woe betide those who open it...

And so concludes our series of cover reveals. We hope you've enjoyed following it as much as we've enjoyed creating each piece. Stay tuned for more exciting content to come as we draw ever closer to the project's launch!

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