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The Gateway to Everything: A Closer Look at Clara’s TARDIS

Digital render of Clara's TARDIS set. This shot depicts the white control console on its hexagonal wooden platform. The diner entrance with its blue and pink neon lights is visible in the background.

Last year, we teased you with a preview of Clara's updated TARDIS design. Today on the anniversary of 'Hell Bent' we're thrilled to present you with a full tour of the console room.

Digital render of Clara's TARDIS set. This shot depicts two winged leather armchairs sitting at a round wooden table holding china tea set. Beside the armchairs stands an old-fashioned floor lamp. The diner entrance with its blue and pink neon lights is visible in the background along with high-heeled Doc Marten shoes laying discarded on the floor.

The process of creating this final TARDIS interior has involved a lot of time, consideration, and the hard work of multiple artists. From the original concept art produced by Alpha Centauri is Watching You, Jana H.S. and Ruth Long, to the model made by James Johnson, who honed the overall design into something more cohesive and practical.

Digital render of Clara's TARDIS set. This wide shot depicts a large, circular room surrounded by marble arches strung with lush foliage. The ceiling is a glass dome showing the daylight sky. The white control console sits in the centre of the floor on a hexagonal wooden platform.

Ruth Long then worked with James' feedback to model, texture, and render a final version in Blender. This allowed her to take full advantage of the higher fidelity offered by the software. Vines and hanging foliage from the concept art have been added, a new cosmic floor mural created, and most importantly the set has been fully furnished.

Digital render of Clara's TARDIS set. This shot depicts the round upper hallway with bookshelves embedded in its marble walls. A telescope sits in the foreground along with a solar system model standing on a small wooden table. A blue Viking round shield hangs above it. The nearest bookshelf is decorated with a toy police box, a stuffed giraffe, and a bow tie.

From the outset, the ultimate goal has been to realise a design that feels quintessentially 'Clara.' What sets it apart, much like the series itself, is that its owner isn't a timeless alien but a young woman whose origins are entirely ordinary. The human touch was essential, drawing here and there from the decor in Clara's flat, which is full of travel-related paraphernalia and kitschy flourishes.

The set is also designed to accommodate a variety of lighting modes/visual moods depending on factors such as the setting and Clara's emotional state. Showcased here are shots of the default 'Daylight Mode', the warm tones of 'Sunset Mode', and the blue and pink colour scheme we've dubbed 'Bi Lighting Mode'.

Digital render of Clara's TARDIS set. This shot depicts an old-fashioned lift with golden grilles, a railing and a large, ornate mirror hanging at the back. Mounted on the wall either side of the lift entrance is the call button panel and a large lever. Standing next to the lever is a marble plinth holding a roman-style alabaster sculpture of a woman.

Update: Following feedback, we've added a lift to make the set more accessible. Many thanks to Lucy-May for the idea and her kind advice!

A great deal of care and thought has gone into the details of this set. It's full of nods to both Clara and Me's rich histories as well as their new adventures in our upcoming series. There are various Easter Eggs to be found – see which ones you can spot!

Click below to explore a full 360° view of the interior!

We hope you've enjoyed this showcase, and are so excited for you to finally see this interior in action once the series launches, including the special occasion when it makes its first appearance. Watch this space, we've got a project update coming soon, along with plenty in store for the new year!


Object Model Credits:

12th Doctor's Tardis by EwanLejkowski (modifications made)

Dragon Portrait by F-Solo (modifications made)

Chair and Desk Set by ThePefDispenser (modifications made)

This is a non-commercial fan project and the rights to all non-original assets used in this digital set belong to their respective owners. Unattributed non-original assets have been licensed or are in the public domain. If a credit has been missed we will rectify it accordingly.

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