The Diner at the End of the Universe

Talented digital artist and designer James Johnson has brought Clara's TARDIS to life in spectacular fashion. Building from the original concept art, he has refined and adapted various elements such as the lighting, roundels, doorways and console, in addition to overhauling the upper floor to create a more open and practical level that overlooks the 'stage' of the console platform.

We intend for this console room to be highly versatile as both a dynamic living set and a reflection of Clara herself; facilitating a range of different settings and lighting modes which include simulating day/night cycles, weather states and general mood lighting (our personal favourite being the pink, purple and blue 'bi lighting'). Have a browse through this gorgeous design in all its glory below!

You can also check out James' other work over on his Twitter, where he designs, modifies and models TARDISes, Daleks and more!

Keep an eye out for more from this stunning console room to come. We can't wait to share the stories waiting to be told within its walls...

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