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Creator Spotlight: Episode Six

Header Image: Episode Six: From Thy Shadow Shall They Pass

We continue our weekly creator spotlight with Episode Six: From Thy Shadow Shall They Pass, written by Taylor Bookout and Zoe Lance (you can view her dedicated spotlight here), and illustrated by Tyler.


Writer: Taylor Bookout

How did you come to Doctor Who? What’s your journey with the show?

I got into watching it because of Tumblr. I had seen so many people I followed reblog and talk about it, so after I had finished BBC’s Sherlock on Netflix, I started watching it with 'Rose.' My journey with the show has been one of the most thrilling experience of my life. It wasn’t until Peter Capaldi came along as the Twelfth Doctor that I knew that this show would stick with me forever. What I didn’t know was all the wonderful things that would happen to me and that I’d experience because of Doctor Who after 2014. My journey with the show has been quite an unexpected one, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is your favourite thing about the show?

I have so many favorite things about the show, but I would have to say that my absolute favorite thing is how it refuses to follow the trend of “gritty realism” and that “death is the end.” Doctor Who especially during Steven Moffat’s era, always showed us to keep going and thrive happily, despite the dark and harsh reality that surrounds us. Most of all, it shows us that kindness isn’t a weakness, but a strength. That kindness can bring life, save worlds, and bring us together.

So, what’s it like writing for TUA? What are you most excited for?

It is an entirely new experience that I’ve never been through before but has been nothing but wonderful. It has also been a challenge, but a needed one for me to improve and move forward into my writing. Seeing everything come together during discussions has been exciting. I am truly the most excited for seeing the end product of all of this, for the fandom to see these new adventures with Clara and Me.

How did your episode come to be? Where did you look for inspiration: Doctor Who itself, other paces, bit of both?

My episode came to be through personal experience, as it was inspired by the most prominent paranormal experiences I had growing up. The experiences brought me fear and I still find myself a bit traumatized by them to this day. I have found it to be cathartic taking my experiences and properly writing down of how I felt through my characters in my episode. I also drew inspiration from Hocus Pocus, a movie that has been a favorite of mine since childhood. Grease is another film I have found inspiration from in my story. Of course, Steven Moffat’s writing for the show especially influenced my writing for the episode. His subversion of tropes and insights into the Cybermen and Daleks have really stuck with me. He really influences my writing more than anyone or anything else.

Sum up your episode in 3 words!

Halloween, Fear, Longing.

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