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The Untold Adventures Release Date

Header Image: series cover art with Clara

Hello old friends,

2019 has been a challenge for The Untold Adventures. We were hopeful that we’d be able to deliver the series this year, but unfortunately that has not proven possible; between unforeseeable personal circumstances and the ever-increasing size and scope of the project. We’ve been hard at work, however, and at the time of writing this, all thirteen stories have taken major steps toward completion. So on Hell Bent’s fourth anniversary, we have a special announcement for you.

As you might have noticed, this has hardly been the only news in the Whoniverse lately: the show is back on New Years Day! We’re immensely excited at what looks to be a thrilling new series of Doctor Who, but we’ve also had to bide our time until the air dates for Jodie Whittaker’s next run of episodes were confirmed – so as not to risk TUA overlapping with the main event, as it were. That’s where the good news comes in. With a clear schedule now ahead of us, and the additional time afforded by these nine or so weeks of the Thirteenth Doctor and the fam, we are ready to reveal an official release date for our series.

Update: Due to the circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic the project's release has been pushed back until we are ready. You can find more information here.

We plan on releasing an episode per week, with potential for a short mid-series break. Until premiere day we have many treats in store for you, including the incremental reveal of the cover art for the episodes (designed by project co-lead Ruth Long), starting today with the official artwork for the series as a whole.

Series cover art with Clara

It’s been a long journey, but we have loved every second of working on bringing Clara Oswald's next chapter to life (or undeath), and we hope you’ll enjoy experiencing the stories just as much as we've enjoyed writing and illustrating them. We would be extremely grateful if you were willing to spread the word to any people you think might be interested in the prospect of further adventures with the universe’s most famous time-looped bisexual time-travelling English teacher. We're happy to address any questions about the project and its production that you might have: you can contact us through our website, email, or via @ClaraOswaldTUA on Twitter. Thank you so much for bearing with us all this time, the finish line is now well and truly in sight.

Till the next time,

Ruth Long, Caitlin Smith and the rest of The Untold Adventures team

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