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A New Series Poster and Meeting Jenna Coleman!

Header Image: Aishwarya's poster with Me and Clara

While we're all hard at work behind the scenes finishing drafts, editing and working on illustrations, we have some fun teasers and news to share with you! Firstly, we're delighted to reveal this fabulous new poster for the series by Aishwarya! What tantalizing view are Clara and Me taking in, we wonder...

Aishwarya's poster with Me and Clara

In other exciting news, some of the team – namely project lead Ruth Long, editor and writer Alex Wakeford and series artist Jo Bartelds – recently attended London Film and Comic Con, where we had the chance to meet none other than Jenna Coleman! She was absolutely lovely, and we got to tell her a bit about the project, which she was very interested in and said sounded amazing. She also signed Jo's marvelous poster for the whole team!

Jo Bee's poster of Clara and Me signed by Jenna Coleman

'Untold Adventures Team, Love Clara xxx'

It's quite something having the seal of approval from Clara Oswald herself! The whole experience of meeting fellow fans as well as cast and crew from the world of Doctor Who was a joy, and discussing the project with them really brought home how far The Untold Adventures has come. There's still some way to go yet, but we truly couldn't be prouder of the series that's coming together.

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