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Artist Vacancy

Header Image: Rigsy's TARDIS painting of Clara

We’re looking to bring on a new episode artist to illustrate one of the stories in the series! Unfortunately the artist previously assigned to the episode in question is no longer available to work on the art for it, so we now have a vacancy for the role.

The episode artist role entails producing an ideal minimum of three pieces to accompany the prose of the story; whether you do more than that or wish to work on concept art as well is entirely up to you. The nature and complexity of the illustrations will depend on your art style - for example, although some background/environment work is usually appreciated to better ground readers in the scene, it isn’t essential, and we’ll work with you to decide an approach to the illustrations that best suits you. Which scenes you focus on will be arranged between you and the writer, who you’ll be maintaining regular contact with throughout. Likewise the project leads will be checking in with you every so often to see how you’re getting on and whether there’s anything we can help out with.

Considering the position will be filled relatively late in the production process, the illustrations will need to be completed within the next month or two. We understand that this is a tight schedule for many artists, though we’ll provide as much leeway and support as possible.

Unfortunately, due to this being a fan project published for free online we are unable to provide any payment for this role, but we hope you'll still be able to participate and help us bring the adventures of Clara Oswald to life.

If you’re interested, please email us at and include a link to your work and a few sentences about yourself. We’ll let you know within the next two weeks if you have been successful (once all submissions have been sorted through), and can then provide you with further information and put you in contact with the episode writer. If you have any questions about the process or the project, feel free to contact us by Tumblr, Twitter or email.

Please note that in the interest of preventing spoilers we ask that involved artists maintain discretion regarding any story/plot details they are privy to.

Update: We are now closed to further applications, and have contacted those who have applied. In the future if any more opportunities come up we'll send out another post like this one, and you're always welcome to enquire at any time!

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