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Creative Team Announcement

Header Image: the Eleventh Doctor and Clara

We are very proud to announce our creative team for The Untold Adventures! We've assembled some of the most talented writers and Clara fans in the Doctor Who fandom to put this series together, but we're still on the lookout for more. A post about artist recruitment will be up shortly, so if you're an artist who loves Clara Oswald keep an eye on this blog. We'll be looking into bringing on beta readers and filling other roles further down the line as well; something else we'll keep you posted on.

As you already know, one of our project leads is Ruth Long, who is also penning four episodes. She's joined by Caitlin Smith (@abossycontrolfreak) and Julia (@tillthenexttimedoctor) as co-project lead and creative advisor respectively, who you may know as two of the foremost Clara meta writers on Tumblr. Dillon O'Hara and Alex Wakeford will be editing for the series along with Caitlin and Ruth, in addition to writing for the series themselves. Miranda Bonilla and Christa Mactire have joined the team as beta and sensitivity readers, helping to make sure the final product is as good as it can be. Johanna P.H. will be working and advising on the promotional side of things as well as the creative. Jo Bartelds has illustrated our gorgeous series poster and will be joined in the future by many more talented artists. And last but certainly not least is the rest of our writing team: Taylor Bookout, Kevin Burnard, Kimberley Chiu, Kate Coleman, Tori Das, Andrew Davis, Laine Ferio, Tayla Fonseca, Alex King, Zoe Lance, Henry Lovett and James Wylder!

We'll have more information about our team in the coming months, including biographies, Q&As and even some teasers on the stories they're working very hard on.

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