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Creator Spotlight: Episode Seven

Header Image: Episode Seven: A Feast for the Nameless

We continue our weekly creator spotlight with Episode Seven: Sancta Sanctis, written by Kimberley Chiu and illustrated by Bianca Maria Costa Barbè.


Artist: Bianca Maria Costa Barbè

What’s your journey with Doctor Who? Did it inspire your art?

I was introduced to the series four years ago. I’d just finished my studies and it immediately gave me inspiration for many of my art pieces.

What are you most excited about when it comes to doing art for this series? What do you think are/will be the greatest challenges?

The space, the new stories and the mysterious adventure is a great challenge for me as an artist: I’m not as experienced when it comes to designing within the world of sci-fi, but having Clara as the protagonist (I have a unique love for her) and these fantastic adventures written by other fans has pushed me to try.

Can you give us some non-spoilery teases about the look of the episode and the art you’re going to provide for it?

Something not yet seen in the TV series, perhaps...

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