Creator Spotlight and Episode Roundup

For the past thirteen weeks we've revealed the title of each episode in the series along with showcasing the amazing talent behind the project. Today we've rounded up the various creator spotlights in one convenient place, along with a little teaser video of all of the titles:

Now, you may also be wondering about a certain series finale... well, I'm afraid we're going to keep you in suspense for now, for good reason. But stay tuned for more being revealed over the coming weeks.

Episode One: A Citizen of the Universe

Written by Ruth Long, Sam Maleski, Zoe Lance and Alex Wakeford | Illustrated by Caz

Episode Two: Áhreddan

Written by Laine Ferio | Illustrated by Redundantz

Episode Three: Stealer of Souls

Written by James Wylder | Story by Caitlin Smith and Tayla Fonseca | Illustrated by Charlie Godmer

Episode Four: As You Like it

Written by Tori Das | Illustrated by Sugarize

Episode Five: The Guardian of Azantia

Written by Kate Coleman | Illustrated by Staypee

Episode Six: From Thy Shadow Shall They Pass

Written by Taylor Bookout and Zoe Lance | Illustrated by Tyler

Episode Seven: A Feast for the Nameless

Written by Sam Maleski | Illustrated by Bianca Maria Costa Barbè

Episode Eight: The Improbable Mirror

Written by Sam Maleski | Story by Henry Lovett | Illustrated by Valentina

Episode Nine: The Plan of a Novel

Written by Loafers | Illustrated by Aralis

Episode Ten: Heroes for Ghosts

Written by Alex King and Ruth Long | Illustrated by Rosie Vernon

Episode Eleven: The Promise of a Soldier

Written by Kevin Burnard | Illustrated by Mogamoka

Episode Twelve: She Who Remains

Written by Ruth Long | Illustrated by Jonne Bartelds

Series Concept Artists

alphacentauriiswatchingyou | Jana H.S. | Kashmir

Editors, Advisors and an Artist

Zoe Lance | Alex Wakeford | Johanna P.H. | Tousle

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