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Creator Spotlight and Episode Roundup

Header Image: Clara in the TARDIS doorway

For the past thirteen weeks we've revealed the title of each episode in the series along with showcasing the amazing talent behind the project. Today we've rounded up the various creator spotlights in one convenient place, along with a little teaser video of all of the titles:

Written by Ruth Long, Zoe Lance and Alex Wakeford | Illustrated by Caz

Written by Laine Ferio | Illustrated by Redundantz

Written by James Wylder | Story by Caitlin Smith and Tayla Fonseca | Illustrated by Charlie Godmer

Written by Tori Das | Illustrated by Sugarize

Written by Kate Coleman | Illustrated by Staypee

Written by Taylor Bookout and Zoe Lance | Illustrated by Tyler

Written by Kimberley Chiu | Illustrated by Bianca Maria Costa Barbè

Written by Sam Maleski | Story by Henry Lovett | Illustrated by Valentina

Written by Dillon O'Hara | Illustrated by Aralis

Written by Alex King and Ruth Long | Illustrated by Rosie Vernon

Written by Kevin Burnard | Illustrated by Mogamoka

Written by Ruth Long | Illustrated by Jonne Bartelds

Alpha Centauri is Watching You | Jana H.S. | Kashmir

Zoe Lance | Alex Wakeford | Johanna P.H. | Tousle

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